Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is Sandberg concerned about the Phillies offense?

The headline blared yesterday, 'Sandberg Concerned About Phillies Lack of Offense'.

That of course after the Phillies lost to the Twins, 7-1 and taking a whipping from the Yankees the day before by a score of 10-0.

Just two weeks before this, Sandberg was asked by Phillies beat writer, Todd Zolecki about his concern of the lack of offense by the team. Ryne's response was "It's March 10," and also "It's a Spring Training atmosphere." Read more of this article here.

Yes, it was early in the month and Sandberg had a small reason to let some of what he was seeing drift past without much concern. Now, though this team is on the verge of breaking camp in Spring Training and things haven't improved in regards to the offense.

The surprising announcement from the Phillies after last year's debacle with the last place finish by the team in the NL East that the team was keeping all of the same coaches was really puzzling. That just didn't make any sense, this group of players need a fresh approach from coaching at a minimum, and yet the Phils chose not to adjust.


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