Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sizemore and Revere have a Spring to forget


A lack of Phillies offense is what is being talked about the most as the Spring Training season is winding down to a precious few more games for players to get into a groove of playing the game of baseball.

Two players that haven't caught fire this Spring are Grady Sizemore and Ben Revere. Both players are in the lowest 20 batting averages in baseball so far in Spring Training, now that it is almost finished. Sizemore has a .161 BA with 31 AB so far, and Revere is at .170.

Sizemore had a banner Spring with the Red Sox last year, batting a respectable .310 in 42 AB's last year.

It's been a disappointing Spring for Ben Revere also. Revere finished up Spring Training in 2014 with a .294 BA in 53 AB. That average is nearly in half of what it was, with before the start of Sunday's game is .170 in 2015.

There is a lot of why the Phils haven't been getting the job done on offense this Spring.

Recently picked up by the Mets, former Phils player, John Mayberry is batting .415 in Spring Training and has 3 HR and 9 RBI so far in '15, numbers that were never seen when he was with the Phils.

It's a strange game to figure out, but the Phillies have to start doing something fast, the season starts against the Boston Red Sox on April 6th, at 3:05 pm.

Is Sandberg concerned about the Phillies offense?

The headline blared yesterday, 'Sandberg Concerned About Phillies Lack of Offense'.

That of course after the Phillies lost to the Twins, 7-1 and taking a whipping from the Yankees the day before by a score of 10-0.

Just two weeks before this, Sandberg was asked by Phillies beat writer, Todd Zolecki about his concern of the lack of offense by the team. Ryne's response was "It's March 10," and also "It's a Spring Training atmosphere." Read more of this article here.

Yes, it was early in the month and Sandberg had a small reason to let some of what he was seeing drift past without much concern. Now, though this team is on the verge of breaking camp in Spring Training and things haven't improved in regards to the offense.

The surprising announcement from the Phillies after last year's debacle with the last place finish by the team in the NL East that the team was keeping all of the same coaches was really puzzling. That just didn't make any sense, this group of players need a fresh approach from coaching at a minimum, and yet the Phils chose not to adjust.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tickets to baseball games become a thing of the past for Phillies

Season ticket holders to Phillies games aren't really holders of tickets at all anymore.

Well, technically they are, starting this season the Phillies will be having their fans print their own tickets out on your printer. Are the savings passed along to the fans with a price reduction with all of the money that the team has saved? There was no reduction in ticket prices even though this supposedly saved money.

It used to be that the tickets you used when you went to a game were really something. Recently, they were very ornate with photos and graphics. Now they will be a thing of the past, the digital age is here for ticketing, you have to wonder how the new printed out style tickets will ever be 'collectible' as the tickets that were issued by the ballclub over the years are.

The paper subtraction started a couple years ago really, when the Phillies stopped giving a copy of the yearly 'Press Guide" out to full and partial season ticket fans and subtracted other coupons that were also part of the perks of being even a partial season ticket holder .

All this adds up to subtracting more from the fan, and that's bad business.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jimmy Rollins Q&A: 'I feel like I'm free to be myself' | FOX Sports

Jimmy Rollins Q&A: 'I feel like I'm free to be myself' | FOX Sports:

You knew you would see the interviews coming after Jimmy Rollins made his way to LA, "he feels like he is free". Free from everything that was Philadelphia. All the love and idolization we showered Jimmy with over the years gone in an instant.

Kind of reminds me of a chameleon as he tries to fit in - in that blue world out there that is Dodgerland.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Schmidt slams baseball timer and supports Pete Rose again

Mike Schmidt hasn't been too silent lately when it comes to his opinion. That's a good thing, as he recently let it be known that he is against using a time clock for baseball.

Schmidt occasionally will turn into writer and he wrote a great article the other day that appeared in the Associated Press here.

He makes a valid point, who was complaining about it? Not too many people that I've ever heard talk about the subject. Is it just an attempt to change the game that has stood very well for over 100 years?

On the subject of his former teammate, Pete Rose, Schmidty has again supported Rose's bid to be reinstated in baseball. He penned this piece for the AP as well. He says it's time to answer the question for Rose and that he should be reinstated. Read some of the comments Schmidt has about that here in this article.

Again, I agree with this. Rose has been punished enough, he has been on the outside looking in for too many years now with baseball. The game needs a guy like him to promote it and he was certainly a Hall of Fame player when he was arguably the best player in the game for many years.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fans In Phillies Still Passionate

The Philadelphia Phillies have fallen on hard times the last few years. With an aging roster and a minor league system lacking a bit, the 2015 season does not look to be any better. Despite the struggles, Philadelphia still has some of the most passionate fans in the game. They might not always be supportive with cheering, but they still care quite a bit.

Throughout the history of sports in the city of Philadelphia, fans have been glued to all 4 major pro teams. The Philadelphia Phillies were in the middle of the pack as far as attendance is concerned in 2014. That might not seem all that impressive, but considering that they only won a total of 73 games, fan support was pretty good

Not only are fans still paying attention during this tough time, but they are known as one of the smartest fan bases in baseball as well. Fans don’t cheer or boo for no reason at all. Instead, they understand the game, and they don’t go necessarily for a social event.

When Philadelphia gets back as a World Series contender, fans will once again packed the ballpark. The last time they were among the best teams in the league was in 2011. They won a league-best 102 games, and they were actually over-capacity for the season. It instantly becomes one of the toughest places to play in the game, as fans are fully invested in how the Phillies end up doing.

There might not be a lot to pay attention to in fantasy baseball money leagues this regular season, but Philadelphia has the financial flexibility to turn things around in a hurry. As long as they show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the fans will be invested.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How bad do the Phillies want to trade Ryan Howard

Howard has a lot to smile about in 2015

Reports from this afternoon at say that the Phillies are willing to pay almost $50M of the remaining salary for Ryan Howard for someone to take him off of their hands.

This doesn't even seem remotely possible, but stranger things have happened.

Let's examine some reasons why this is probably a false report:

1.  Howard reported to camp looking lean and ready to play this year.

2.  If the Phillies were ready to swallow that much salary, they could have done this a long time ago, and this would be like a gift to a team that needs a slugger like Howard on the team.

3.  Howard isn't the next Babe Ruth, but he's got power and he hit almost 100 RBI last year in what was called an 'off year' for him.

4. The article quotes the source as, "Anthony Castrovince of Sports On Earth". Enough said, who the hell is this?

Howard is still considered a blue chip stock. Yes, he's had injuries but he's still carries a pop in his bat. It really isn't his fault that the Phillies and Ruben Amaro threw $125M at him a few years ago, is it?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lee on a 60 Day DL - he's in for the long haul

Cliff Lee finally got what he was probably know would happen, a trip to the DL for 60 day stay. That's just the beginning.

Now the Phils will be on the hook for $25M for the season, when Cliff Lee could have actually retired and called it a day.

This is where the Phils get burned, because they can't deal Lee when he's in this shape, they just have to keep writing him huge checks.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Who's in charge of hiring Phillies pitchers?

Aaron Harang isn't very photogenic is he?

You have to wonder if the Phillies are doing their research when they go out and hire pitching anymore.

Several of the last pitchers that the Phils have picked up have had some serious issues and medical conditions that have left them on the injury list for a long time.

Cliff Lee isn't even one of them, he was given a long term deal when he was fairly healthy, now his career is in jeopardy of being over. He still has time left on his contract though, I don't think he'll be opting out of $25M this year for anything. Would you? Just another reason why the Phillies are in the shape that they are in on the field and in the management department.

Let's look at a few pitchers of the last few years that the Phils have seen a bust out of:


Aaron Harang - Harang doesn't look like he's going to make it out of Spring Training. A 1-year deal at $5M - Harang is 37 year old, and in the twilight of his career. Lower back injuries have sidelined him for most of Spring Training so far. Does this sound familiar?

Chad Billingsley: Like Harang, he used to be fairly good. He was offered a contract by the Phils, with a base salary of $1.5M and the incentives to make up to $6.5M - but he too is not healthy. Chad had Tommy John surgery last year.

Miguel Gonzalez: Faster that you can say enchilada, Gonzalez was signed to a multi-year deal with the Phillies after he defected from Cuba. The Phils would probably be better off paying his airfare back there as they originally signed for for 3 years and $12M and he's been a complete bust.


Mike Adams: Adams was the recipient of $12M from the Phillies for 2 seasons, the bulk of what he has made as a professional pitcher in the MLB - he made more in those 2 years than all of the other 8 years combined he played baseball. Problem was he was injured from the start and only pitched in 42 innings. His pay for each inning he pitched in for the Phils, was $285,000 per inning.

AJ Burnett: Phillies paid him $15M for a year - he promptly went out and lost 18 games for the team with a 4.59 ERA. In the offseason, he said he was injured the whole season with the Phils. He signs with Pittsburgh in 2015 for $8.5M and says "This is where I belong" ... What a crock!

I am not even going to bring up $16M for Roy Oswalt because that seems like ancient history even though it goes back to 2011. He too was injured.

Add all of this money that was practically thrown away and you could have had a decent couple of players with money left over. This organization has been on autopilot to disaster for some time now, is anyone going to wake up and take over this ship?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lee wants that last year and $25M in the bank

Cliff Lee is injured again, but standing between him and $25M this year and and another $27.5M option payday in 2016 (that has a 12.5M buyout) is the tear in his pitching elbow's flexor tendon. You would think that Lee would strongly consider retiring. But in this day of millions and millions of dollars, he's got to play the game.

Not necessarily the baseball game, but the waiting game. The wait and see type of game that will keep the Phillies on the hook to pay him that $27.5M anyway even though he will be on the DL and unable to effectively pitch for the team.

He'll probably travel North with the team when they break camp, he says he'll try to pitch anyway, but the result will be like the time he was injured last year, he'll grab his elbow on the mound and walk toward the dugout and his season will be over, but the Phils will be paying him for the whole season.

Friday, March 06, 2015

What do the Phillies want in exchange for Cole Hamels?

Hamels perhaps relecting on his career in a 2015 photo day pose

You have to wonder what the Phillies are looking for in exchange for Cole Hamels.

Forget the fact that Cole is owed over $100M in the future, Hamels signed a $159M deal for 7 years with the Phillies. Hamels is arguably on his way to a Hall of Fame type of career, though he must start having some great years to get there. Hamels is compared through his age of 30 with a guy named Jim Bunning, who is a former Phils' pitcher that was elected to the Hall.

What could the Phillies want in return for Hamels?

One thing the Phillies probably want is to not have to pay any future salary to Cole, but that isn't the way the team dealt off Marlon Byrd, who has just given a two-year deal for $16M and then the team decided to dump him in the second year of that contract and pay half of his salary to add insult to injury.

So what then would the Phils be looking for with trade for Cole? To expect a team to empty their minors for a couple of prospects would be a start, but what is a prospect actually worth? Perhaps a superstar in return for a superstar? That is what I would think you would get for Cole. Maybe a straight up trade for say a Buster Posey or someone like that. That's what I would be looking for.

Hamels is scheduled to take the mound today in Florida vs. the New York Yankees, a team with no shortage of superstars that could be traded to the Phillies. With a healthy Cliff Lee, the Phillies can afford to jettison Hamels to a team that can 'win a championship' as Hamels would like to do.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Jerome Williams gets the ball in Spring opener Tuesday

 photo:  ESPN

Jerome Williams is a journeyman baseball player who has been with many teams before the Phillies. The Phillies are the 7th team that he has played for in his Major League career. If you count the minor league contracts with Major League teams,  he's been with 10.

Jerome was born in Hawaii in 1981. Last season,  he became the first pitcher ever to defeat a team (Oakland Athletics) while playing for three different teams in the same season,  Williams beat the A's while pitching for the Astros, Rangers,  and with the Phillies.

He pitched a fairly good season last year for the Phils, in 9 games in which he started,  he finished with a 4-2 record and a 2.83 ERA. 

Williams lost his wife to cancer in 2001 and uses a pink glove in her honor.

Spring Training season starts today faces Frankenstein monster

They used to call the Yankees the 'Evil Empire' but this player has earned the title all by himself, a disgrace to the Yankees and baseball

The Phillies have the dubious task of opening their Spring Training season today in Florida. It's not so dubious because of the reason that they aren't predicted to do well this year.

The real dubious part of the first game of the Spring Training season is the Phillies will have to play one of the despised players in baseball, in Alex Rodriguez, and the Yankees today in Florida.

Rodriguez has done just about everything you can do to get banned from baseball for life, but he just keeps on ticking like a Frankenstein monster. His apologies fall on deaf ears to anyone who cares about the game, yet he's back.

Baseball should have made this player the first in the game who doesn't deserve to play in the majors anymore do to his repeated use of steroids and lying to everyone about it. He's a classic case of someone who doesn't deserve to put on a uniform on a major league field.

The person who Rodriguez was paying $12,000 per month to administer steroids to him just got sentenced to 4 years in prison for his deeds, but Rodriguez skates away and again seeks the spotlight of the MLB game. It just doesn't make any sense, baseball is the loser in letting A-Rod step back on the field again.