Saturday, February 28, 2015

Springtime sees the Phillies as longshots to do well in '15

The Phillies have been on the downward slide for a few years now. That isn't news anymore, it's just the truth. A combination of players that haven't been able to produce when needed, injuries, and pitching problems have all added up to the place that the Phils find themselves in 2015.

Recently there was the release of the news with the PECOTA ratings for 2015 that the Phillies would be near the bottom of the league for wins in those predictions. Some fans have a hard time believing that kind of news.

Beyond that there are the Vegas odds which also list the Phillies as longshots to win much this year. Even the William Hill Betting site lists the Phils as 150/1 to win the 2015 World Series, they are tied with the Colorado Rockies for the longest odds in baseball to win it all.

2015 was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Phillies, but very little rebuilding has begun. A couple of players have been moved in the off-season by the Phils, but not the wholesale sell-off that a lot of fans and press expected.

Just about everyone on this current roster was at some point offered up in trade negotiations including former World Series MVP, Cole Hamels. Now Cole Hamels let it be known that he wants out, and he might have to wait to a team in contention actually has a need for him due to another player having an injury or someone on their staff just not pitching all that well.

Beyond Cole, there is Jonathan Papelbon, who the Phillies would love to move and Ryan Howard still on the team, again who the Phils would love to move. So far though, it seems like a tough sell for a lot of these players. The Phils even had to pay the Reds $4M of the salary of Marlon Byrd just to take him. That's just bad business, and it shows how poorly Ruben Amaro has been spending up the Phillies cash. No team wants these players at the prices that their contracts are with the Phillies, 

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