Saturday, February 14, 2015

Carlton's Twins WS ring for sale in April

This is a ring that was sold previously from the Twins championship win, the ring was from a front office person who pawned it, Carlton's was his ring that he was awarded

It would have made a great trivia question, what other team did Steve Carlton win a World Series ring with? The answer is the Minnesota Twins back in 1987 when the Phillies were really a horrible team.

This is the Carlton ring that will be up for auction

Now the better part of this trivia would have been, how Carlton was left off of the postseason roster all together by the Twins because at this point in his career, he was out of gas. The Twins awarded him a ring anyway, which is a nice touch of class for a guy like Carlton pitched like throughout his whole career.

The ring will be auctioned at SCP Auctions here.

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