Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Ruben's next Aged Signing: Aaron Harrang

Aaron Harang would have been a great signing about 7 years ago, but look for him to put in innings if nothing else for 2015

This has got to be one of the most frustrating times to be a Phillies fan, right on the heels of being the best time to be a Phillies fan just a few short years ago.

Ruben Amaro and the 'braintrust' have went out to the free agent market and picked up AJ Burnett's replacement. His name is Aaron Harang. And yes, he's bound to give Phillies fans a case of the fits when he takes the mound, if it happens to go that far when the new season starts up just a couple months ago.

Many years ago, Aaron Harang was a pretty good pitcher, but lately he's been just a .500 pitcher. Going 10-10 with the Dodgers in 2012 and then 12-12 with the Braves in 2014. He's been bounced around more than a rubber ball since 2010, having been with 4 teams and not working out with any one of them.

Why then would the Phillies want to take a chance with a pitcher like this?

Who knows, maybe he'll go 17-7 and surprise us all, but I doubt it.

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