Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nats get stronger with Scherzer, Phillies scream sell

The Phillies almost seem desperate to unload Cole Hamels now, making public comments about his trade potential  

The Phillies are in full scale sell mode. The only problem is no one is buying.

Pat Gillick went public and said that Cole Hamels is an attractive trade piece still after the Washington Nationals signed ex-Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer to a massive $210M dollar deal yesterday. The Nats quickly became front runners with that new rotation.

Ruben Amaro Jr. has went public against Ryan Howard recently after many years of standing by the player, saying the Phillies 'probably would be better off without him.' This after Howard went through a tough time last season with his own immediate family suing him. Despite that, Howard still hit almost 100 RBI for the Phillies last season.

The Phillies are very much a team that doesn't know where it's going at this point, yes, they are trying to sell off the rest of this team and somehow Amaro has escaped blame for all of this from a lame duck President in Pat Gillick who is filling in for David Montgomery, and is afraid to place Amaro in the limelight as to the reason why the Phillies are in the shape they are in.

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