Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holding the line on the Phils best players is admirable

Ruben Amaro Jr. has had the task of making the Phillies younger, he hasn't been rushing this task since he's been trying

When you think of it, all Ruben Amaro has to do is move a few players that have been on the team a long time, and make a ton of money.

It would probably be easy to give these players away for next to nothing as teams would line up to get the likes of a Cole Hamels, Chase Utley or Ryan Howard for practically nothing.

So, the fact that Amaro and company haven't done that is very admirable. This team still isn't a team that's totally lost. It's in desperate need of some tweeks to make it younger but at the same time, have that youth contribute to this team in a very positive way.

Armchair GM's that follow the Phillies probably have a lot of ideas on making this team better. If you're one of them, share your move with the blog here by leaving one or more in the comments section. 

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