Monday, December 01, 2014

Baseball Winter Meetings just a week away

A huge baseball floats down the Thanksgiving Day Parade from New York City's 88th Annual parade

The winter meetings for baseball is just a week away, taking place in San Diego this year from Dec. 7 through the 11th at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront.The city of San Diego is the 3rd time for hosting this event, the first two times were 1963 and 1985. It's 113th such Winter Meeting of baseball.

There is usually a trade buzz happening around the Winter Meetings, although we've seem a lot of movement already, we could see a lot more as this meeting generally shakes the trees loose when it comes to trades.

We could see a significant trade involving the Phillies during this event, if there was ever a time to get something done, this meeting would be the time.

A lot more than just trades happen at this event, the business of baseball also happens as well.

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