Sunday, November 09, 2014

Phillies off-season moves left to rumors

The Phillies got to be in last place by a combination of certain players on the team that didn't produce properly, and the inability of management to interject players who can get the job done on the field in the last few seasons.

Lately in the press, there have been rumors swirling around players like Cole Hamels and Marlon Byrd as players that will possibly be traded. Those two players have been getting the job done for the team, so when you trade them, you stand the risk of making the team worse for it.

Players that have been in beta like John Mayberry, who the team finally let loose after the season and Domonic Brown are the players that the Phillies should have parted company with long ago. Brown got an extension with the team after his brief appearance that he would blossom into a star after the 2013 season in which he found his swing and hit 27 HR. Whatever he found in '13, he lost in '14 as Brown slipped back into sleeper mode with only 10 HR in 473 AB.

Ruben Amaro has been reluctant to let some of these type of players go, and he's always wanting to add 3 or more aces to a pitching staff seemingly all the time. It's been a style that has left this team flat.

What will the Phillies do next? It's sort of like every move they make, it's the wrong one anymore.

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