Thursday, November 13, 2014

Amaro signs Frenchy ... again a headscratcher

A couple years ago, the Phillies wanted to sign Jeff Francoeur, for some reason they didn't get the deal done. They are probably lucky they didn't, as Francoeur  hasn't really blossomed like some would have expected he would after he left the Atlanta Braves back in 2009.

Jeff still is a capable bench player, but are the Phillies about filling this team up with bench players? Or if the impending blow up that rumored to be happening behind the scenes make Frenchy's signing more meaningful than just being a minor league contract.

It's good that the Phillies don't have to face him anymore with this signing, as Francoeur has hit 7 homeruns against the Phillies and always seemed pesky against the Phils.

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  1. It's just a minor league deal for a bench bat, I'm not sure what's confusing.