Sunday, November 23, 2014

100 Days until first Spring Training Game, there is still time

100 Days until the Phillies Spring Training schedule starts, is Ryne Sandberg mangerial style fitting in with the Phillies team?

The Phillies have exactly 100 days until their first Spring Training game in Florida. That's a good thing, because now pretty well into the off-season, not much has changed in the composition of this team. No changes to the coaching staff was made public knowledge, and incredibly so since the Phillies really played poorly most of the season.

A week ago, during the GM meetings in Arizona, there was great speculation that just about everyone was on the trading block from A to Z. Cole Hamels name was prominent as was a few others, but now after the hoopla of the meetings have settled, only a few mentions of trades are still making their way to the internet and publications.

Maybe the words of Pat Gillick is correct, 'this team won't contend for a couple more years.' So as Phillies fans, there may be a serious slip back (as there already has been) to the days when the Phillies were not good at all, and a last place finish last year sort of foretells that there may be more pain heading towards Phillies fans as they watch this team degrade further.

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