Saturday, November 29, 2014

Moyer leaves Phils broadcast booth; Games after Wheeler left booth suffered

Jamie Moyer won't be in the booth for the Phillies broadcast games in 2015. That might be a good thing, as the broadcasts last year with the two new additions to the TV broadcast team were seriously lacking for about the first 3/4 of the season.

Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs shared the duties after the longtime broadcasters Chris Wheeler and former Phillies player, Gary Matthews contracts were not renewed for the 2014 season in a surprise move. It's important to note that this was Comcast's decision and not the Phillies.

Comcast Sportsnet will be searching for a replacement and wished Moyer well for his services, as Jamie cited family time as his main reason for not coming back after only 1 season in the booth.

Many fans commented on Wheeler and Matthews style of doing the games, but when they heard the alternative with Moyer and Stairs, they had to be wanting some quality to return to the booth which was seriously lacking the whole season.

The tandem of Stairs and Moyer were new to the booth and weren't ready to take on this assignment as most of the conversations weren't really game focused and the color commentary that they were supposed to be talking about often fell back to the games that they have played in the majors and a session on learning baseball, rather than what we were seeing happen on the field.

What direction will the Phillies game day broadcast go in now? There can only be an improvement here as last year's games were extremely hard to listen to and even hear the comments made by Stairs and Moyer.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Rollins wants to remain a Phillie

J-Roll is still a relevant force on the Phils

It's rare these days, players generally go where the money is. A couple of days ago, there were reports of the NY Yankees interested in Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies were all ears on the trade possibilities but the Yankees apparently didn't offer enough in return and to top it all off, Jimmy Rollins (who has a no-trade clause) didn't want to go to the Yankees.

Rollins could have steered himself into a nice new 3 year deal to finish out his career with the Yankees and possibly took advantage of the generous salaries that the Yankees offer players like the former MVP Rollins. Jimmy didn't elect to do this, he wants to remain in the Phillie pinstripes.

This was all reported by ESPN's Jayson Stark, who had closes that were at the source of this information.

So, for now, Rollins remains a Phillies player which could be for his last season as his contract is up at the end of 2015 and then we'll see what happens with him. Jimmy just celebrated his 36th birthday on Thanksgiving Day.

Rollins has been the spark plug of this team some years ago, and even though he's aged as well as the other Phillies players have that have been with the team a long time, J Roll still puts up decent numbers.

Check out Jimmy's numbers over the years:

Year Age G AB R H 2B HR RBI BA Awards
2000 21 14 53 5 17 1 0 5 .321
2001 ★ 22 158 656 97 180 29 14 54 .274 AS,MVP-17,RoY-3
2002 ★ 23 154 637 82 156 33 11 60 .245 AS
2003 24 156 628 85 165 42 8 62 .263
2004 25 154 657 119 190 43 14 73 .289 MVP-30
2005 ★ 26 158 677 115 196 38 12 54 .290 AS,MVP-10
2006 27 158 689 127 191 45 25 83 .277 MVP-21
2007 28 162 716 139 212 38 30 94 .296 MVP-1,GG,SS
2008 29 137 556 76 154 38 11 59 .277 GG
2009 30 155 672 100 168 43 21 77 .250 GG
2010 31 88 350 48 85 16 8 41 .243
2011 32 142 567 87 152 22 16 63 .268
2012 33 156 632 102 158 33 23 68 .250 GG
2013 34 160 600 65 151 36 6 39 .252
2014 35 138 538 78 131 22 17 55 .243
15 Yrs 2090 8628 1325 2306 479 216 887 .267
162 Game Avg. 162 669 103 179 37 17 69 .267
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Generated 11/27/2014.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - from

It's been another fast year, and the holidays are here again. Let's give thanks this year to the things that we don't necessarily see everyday. The poor, the sick and the underprivileged. We distract ourselves throughout the year with our hobbies, the love of baseball and other things. Let's all try to do something nice for someone else this year.

I am going to kick it off, with a donation to my local rescue mission from this blog, we'll feed 10 people for Christmas with the donation, and it's all made possible because of you, the reader, you stop by and patronize the blog and even click on an ad or two and make it all possible. Thank you, have a great holiday and please pass it forward! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

100 Days until first Spring Training Game, there is still time

100 Days until the Phillies Spring Training schedule starts, is Ryne Sandberg mangerial style fitting in with the Phillies team?

The Phillies have exactly 100 days until their first Spring Training game in Florida. That's a good thing, because now pretty well into the off-season, not much has changed in the composition of this team. No changes to the coaching staff was made public knowledge, and incredibly so since the Phillies really played poorly most of the season.

A week ago, during the GM meetings in Arizona, there was great speculation that just about everyone was on the trading block from A to Z. Cole Hamels name was prominent as was a few others, but now after the hoopla of the meetings have settled, only a few mentions of trades are still making their way to the internet and publications.

Maybe the words of Pat Gillick is correct, 'this team won't contend for a couple more years.' So as Phillies fans, there may be a serious slip back (as there already has been) to the days when the Phillies were not good at all, and a last place finish last year sort of foretells that there may be more pain heading towards Phillies fans as they watch this team degrade further.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Major League Baseball 2015 Picks

The new Major League Baseball season will get under way in April of next year, and bookmaker Betfair already have prices on which teams will make it to the World Series. Current joint favourites for the 2015 World Series crown are the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have had great success in years gone by, but their last World Series win came way back in 1898. Since the end of the last decade, this side have shown steady improvement, and have now won the West Division in four of the last seven years, including the last two years consecutively. Farhan Zaidi has done an excellent job since arriving as General Manager, and the Los Angeles Dodgers certainly have a good platform on which to build now. With a decent off season, they can certainly be one of the leading contenders for MLB glory come 2015. The odds compilers at Betfair make the Dodgers 7/1 chances to win the next World Series and that is a price that will definitely appeal to a number of baseball punters.

Joining the Los Angeles Dodgers at the head of the Betfair World Series market are the Washington Nationals, who can also be supported at odds of 7/1. The Nationals are a part of the East division, and have only been known by their current name since 2005. Previously, the Washington Nationals were called the Montreal Expos, but a move for the franchise to Washington, D.C. Meant a change of name was very much in order. While their trophy cabinet is pretty bare thus far, the Washington Nationals have made encouraging strides over the last couple of season, having won the East Division title in both 2012 and 2014. Manager Matt Williams has got his side playing some decent stuff and following some good draft picks, the Nationals now have a chance of some major honours in the world of baseball.

As far as the Philadelphia Phillies are concerned, the bookies give the side little hope of challenging for Major League Baseball's biggest prize come 2015. The Phillies are ranked at 100/1 outsiders along with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies and the Minnesota Twins. Having had a great spell from 2007 to 2011 winning five consecutive division titles, the Philadelphia Phillies have dropped off again over the last few seasons. Long time manager Charlie Manuel was sacked in 2013 and that would end up being the sides first losing season since back in 2002. This is now very much a rebuilding phase for the Phillies, and a lot will depend on what happens during the off season for this great franchise. The Phillies are rumoured to be looking at some Red Sox players and if the right men come through the door, then things can change very quickly as we see season after season. Those odds of 100/1 could look very big come next April if that were to be the case. Stayed up to date on all the latest market movers in the 2015 World Series at

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Howard's family tries to gnaw at his fortunes

Did off-field stress contribute to Howard's poor batting average in 2014? One could argue yes, and he still managed to hit almost 100 RBI on the season

I read this story yesterday at, you have to feel sorry for Ryan Howard after you read the whole story, which you can do here.

You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. That's the old saying when things go wrong in a family, and that's exactly what happened with Ryan Howard. He started employing his family and paying them fantastically high wages for doing next to nothing and one day he woke up from that fact and decided to close the gravy store for them and now they've come back at him and sued him.

Howard is paid very well, some would argue too much, for the Phillies. That wasn't his fault though, there was a contract offer made after Howard had several great seasons in a row. He looked as if he would continue to tear the cover off the ball for years, but in the last couple years, Howard has appeared more human than the super-human feats he put up when he was in his late 20's.

This is just a bad story all the way around. Now it's public. Apparently, it's already settled out of court after it made it to court. The damage is still there though. It's what happens sometimes when a person comes into money like Howard did.

Now the Phillies apparently look to shop Ryan Howard to a team where he can play out the remainder of his career. Yes, the Phillies still owe him millions, and Howard will be OK where ever he ends up, I still wouldn't be surprised if we see him in Phillies pinstripes come opening day though.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stanton's $325M wouldn't have fit in with Phillies

Stanton may be bordering on great, but he's not a Hall of Fame type player yet

The Phillies reportedly wanted Giancarlo 'Mike' Stanton for the last year or two.

What no one saw coming though was this contract that was given to him by Marlins owner, Jeff Loria. A massive 13 year, $325M contract for a player who has hit the long ball very well, but is he one of the best in the game?

Let's look at Giancarlo's numbers:

2010 20 FLA 100 359 45 93 21 1 22 59 .259 .326 .507 .833
2011 21 FLA 150 516 79 135 30 5 34 87 .262 .356 .537 .893
2012 ★ 22 MIA 123 449 75 130 30 1 37 86 .290 .361 .608 .969
2013 23 MIA 116 425 62 106 26 0 24 62 .249 .365 .480 .845
2014 ★ 24 MIA 145 539 89 155 31 1 37 105 .288 .395 .555 .950
5 Yrs 634 2288 350 619 138 8 154 399 .271 .364 .540 .903
162 Game Avg. 162 585 89 158 35 2 39 102 .271 .364 .540 .903
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Generated 11/19/2014.

He's been in the league for 5 years now, and has never put in a full season. Stanton's BA is at .271 for his career and he doesn't really have monster numbers like RBI, or a great amount of doubles per year.

All in all, I don't think Stanton is anywhere near a ballplayer who should have gotten a $325M contract. The numbers just aren't there, he hasn't been on pace to be a Hall of Famer by any stretch either.

This contract plainly makes no sense, now the Phillies have the dubious honor of no longer holding the worst contract in baseball.

Friday, November 14, 2014

How the Phillies could have had 88-90 wins in 2014

Burnett just signed on with the Pirates, 18 losses last year for the Phils explain a few games that should have been wins but nothing was done about it by management

The Phillies weren't quite as bad a team as most people penned them as last year. Yes, they lost 89 games on the year, but they could have improved their standings with a little more focus and attention to areas that after the season became very apparent.

The Phils ended with 73 wins in 2014, of those games, here are ways they could have possibly finished better on the year.

The season started off with 10 losses in the first 20 games for the team. Right out of the gate, things weren't working for this team. Fast forward to the first 30 games of the season and things were still not going right, they had 15 losses in 30 games.In the first 40 games of the season, the team was 22 losses deep, but consider this. The Phillies got swept by Milwaukee for 3 games, Toronto for 4 games. and the Angels in a short 2-game series.

Take just a few of those swept games and if the Phils were able to break that up a little and add them up.

The Phillies went 1-6 on the season series with Pittsburgh, they couldn't beat that team. Had they been able to pull something together against them, you can add a few of those games into your total of games that they really should have done better with.

From May 29th to June 8th 2014, the Phillies played 10 games, they won only 2 of them. This team was really hurting then. The team was a full 10-games under .500 on the 8th of June. No big changes were being made. During the entire month of June, Ben Revere only had 1 RBI.

In fact, the Phillies didn't even make a roster move at the trade deadline. Another serious error, and a puzzling one for a team that was hurting so bad.

AJ Burnett was tagged with an incredible 18 losses on the season, he just kept going out and piling up losses, he started the most games of any Phillies pitcher which was 34 games. Should have he been benched for his poor performance and someone else started in his place? Not at the amount of money that the team decided to pay him apparently.

Add up all the miscues by management that went unchecked this past season, and you can easily get at least 10-15 games that should have been won by this Phillies team.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Amaro signs Frenchy ... again a headscratcher

A couple years ago, the Phillies wanted to sign Jeff Francoeur, for some reason they didn't get the deal done. They are probably lucky they didn't, as Francoeur  hasn't really blossomed like some would have expected he would after he left the Atlanta Braves back in 2009.

Jeff still is a capable bench player, but are the Phillies about filling this team up with bench players? Or if the impending blow up that rumored to be happening behind the scenes make Frenchy's signing more meaningful than just being a minor league contract.

It's good that the Phillies don't have to face him anymore with this signing, as Francoeur has hit 7 homeruns against the Phillies and always seemed pesky against the Phils.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Phillies off-season moves left to rumors

The Phillies got to be in last place by a combination of certain players on the team that didn't produce properly, and the inability of management to interject players who can get the job done on the field in the last few seasons.

Lately in the press, there have been rumors swirling around players like Cole Hamels and Marlon Byrd as players that will possibly be traded. Those two players have been getting the job done for the team, so when you trade them, you stand the risk of making the team worse for it.

Players that have been in beta like John Mayberry, who the team finally let loose after the season and Domonic Brown are the players that the Phillies should have parted company with long ago. Brown got an extension with the team after his brief appearance that he would blossom into a star after the 2013 season in which he found his swing and hit 27 HR. Whatever he found in '13, he lost in '14 as Brown slipped back into sleeper mode with only 10 HR in 473 AB.

Ruben Amaro has been reluctant to let some of these type of players go, and he's always wanting to add 3 or more aces to a pitching staff seemingly all the time. It's been a style that has left this team flat.

What will the Phillies do next? It's sort of like every move they make, it's the wrong one anymore.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Phillies Talk Podcast: World Series Wrap-up and Phillies talk for the off-season

It's Phillies Talk Podcast, with Rich and Jim again talking baseball with an emphasis on the World Series of 2014 with the San Francisco Giants winning it all.

We're talking all about this and of course about our opinions on the Phillies in the off-season and into the 2015 season.

Listen here at the site on or on the road with iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and great websites like

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Awards season right around the corner

The Players Choice Awards take place on Monday night, November 3rd 2014 at 8 PM Eastern - that kicks off the MLB awards time now that we have a new World Champion of baseball in the San Francisco Giants.

The Players Choice Awards will be on the MLB Network exclusively when the following awards will be given out as voted on by the MLBPA:

Majestic Athletic is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Players Choice Awards on MLB Network.
Below please find the complete list of 2014 Players Choice Awards finalists.
2014 Players Choice Awards Finalists:
American League:
Outstanding Player: Jose Altuve (Houston), Victor Martinez (Detroit), Mike Trout (LA Angels)
Outstanding Pitcher: Felix Hernandez (Seattle), Corey Kluber (Cleveland), Chris Sale (Chicago White Sox)
Outstanding Rookie: Jose Abreu (Chicago White Sox), Danny Santana (Minnesota), Matt Shoemaker (LA Angels)
Comeback Player: J.D. Martinez (Detroit), Victor Martinez (Detroit), Chris Young (Seattle)
National League:
Outstanding Player: Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh), Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), Giancarlo Stanton (Miami)
Outstanding Pitcher: Johnny Cueto (Cincinnati), Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), Adam Wainwright (St. Louis)
Outstanding Rookie: Jacob deGrom (NY Mets), Billy Hamilton (Cincinnati), David Peralta (Arizona)
Comeback Player: Tim Hudson (San Francisco), Casey McGehee (Miami), Edinson Volquez (Pittsburgh)
Either League:
Player of the Year: Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), Giancarlo Stanton (Miami), Mike Trout (LA Angels)
Man of the Year: Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), Adam LaRoche (Washington), Anthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs)
For a complete list of prevous winners, please click here.

After this awards show, there will be the major awards as voted on by the BWOAA:
Monday, Nov. 10: Rookies of the Year
Tuesday, Nov. 11: Managers of the Year
Wednesday, Nov. 12: Cy Young Awards
Thursday, Nov. 13: Most Valuable Players