Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Phillies signing Williams no surprise

One thing that we've learned from the current Phillies GM is that he'll spend wildly on a big 'named' player, but he really loves to bottom fish for a bargain priced player as well.

Jerome Williams is the latest 'bargain' that the Phillies have plucked from obscurity to sign to a small contract, if you can call a $2M contract small anymore.

Williams signing was a no-brainer, he stepped into a lineup that needed some stability. He provided a big amount of stability among a few other pitchers who were earning millions and somehow couldn't do better.

The season that Jerome Williams put in with the Phillies was only 9 starts but he finished up 4-2 with a 2.83 ERA. You have to wonder why Williams didn't stay with a team for any length of time in his major league career.

Williams is 48-54 for his career, and hasn't pitched too well with any team that he's been with. He pitched to a 9-10 record with a 4.57 ERA for the Los Angeles Angels in 2013.

Can Williams continue with his winning ways in '15 with the Phils? We'll see.

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