Thursday, October 02, 2014

Phillies ownership shocker: Asking all the coaches to stay after '14 disaster

The first announcement of the Phillies willingness to keep the coaching staff has Ruben's name written all over it

It was supposed to be a time of change. The Phillies put in a clunker of a season. Things had to change, it was a last place finish and the Phils looked bad a whole lot on the field this year.

One of the first announcements from Phillies ownership just a couple days after the season of misery came to an end was they asked all of the coaches to return.


When something isn't working, the first spotlight is shown on the coaching staff. They didn't get something right. It's commonplace for a team to get some new coaching in so that things might change. That didn't happen just days after the Phillies turned in a really bad season.

An offense that ranked near the bottom of the NL, and pitching that was 20th in the MLB of 30 teams for the top few catagories and this is the first announcement in the off season?

If anything, Ryne Sandberg and the coaching staff didn't get enough blame for this season. Charlie Manuel used to get ragged in the press and from the fans for less but little has been said or written about with the style of Sandberg, and his coaching staff which includes Larry Bowa.

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