Saturday, October 04, 2014

Phillies: Howard Eskin reports erroneous information on Phils

The news from Howard Eskin, a local sports reporter, the other night on a local news broadcast apparently sounded real enough for the Phillies to dispute it.

The Eskin news article stated that the Phillies ownership was in flux and the Middleton family had tried to seek control of the team in order to change the make up of the team and shake things up. Eskin reported that David Montgomery was going to be 'pushed out' of ownership so that the Phillies could make certain trades and take the team in a different direction.

The Phillies issued a statement following the report that this information was false and not credible.

It's just another weird twist in the career of Howard Eskin when it comes to covering the Phillies. If you remember some years ago, Eskin and former Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel got into a verbal argument about what was wrong with the team back then.

For the recor though, Eskin released a comment that he stands by his story. We'll see.

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