Monday, October 27, 2014

Could Hamels be on his way to Boston? Would Red Sox deal Cespedes?

There was a report a couple days ago that Cole Hamels was fine tuning a list of teams that he'd be willing to be traded to. Hamels has a limited no-trade clause that he has updated to include a list of teams he didn't want to be traded to according to reports.

The Boston Red Sox seem to be a team in need of a star pitcher, and claimed Hamels last season in a waiver that was revoked by the Phillies, so the interest is there.

What could the Red Sox offer the Phillies?

Would the Red Sox offer up Yoenis Cespedes in a trade for the top caliber pitching offered by Cole Hamels? That would be about the only player on the Red Sox that would be of value to the Phillies, you could even package up Domonic Brown along with this deal and possibly get someone in the minors that has some value from the Red Sox as well.

Time will tell if Hamels will be dealt in an offseason that is very important to this team, but so far they've only signed a couple of players without making any major moves.

The idea is not to give away players like Phillies GM, Ruben Amaro, did with Hunter Pence. He practically gave an All-Star to the Giants for next to nothing. This trade mentality haunts Amaro and it shouldn't be repeated.

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