Friday, September 26, 2014

Phils putter into last series of the season for 2014

Longtime Phillie, Jimmy Rollins waites for the game to start at CBP tonight for the start of the final series of the season

Usually the last season series is a sad occasion for most fans when it comes to their baseball fix is coming to an end soon, especially if their team isn't going to make it to the playoffs.

For the Phillies though, it's a good thing the season is coming to an end, because this has been one long frustrating season for both players and fans alike.

 The players though are pulling down millions and will go on vacation soon while their fans try to stay loyal in a time when it's hard to stay positive about all of the things that went wrong with this team in 2014.

This past season has seen this team about as bad as it's been for the last several years. The team looked sloppy and not prepared most of the time in 2014, despite being managed by the Hall of Famer, Ryne Sandberg.

There was so many different lineups used this year, it's hard to call the Phillies a 'team' because there were so many adjustments to the daily lineups, it seemed like a team that was constantly changing.

Here's the Phillies offense by the numbers:

Runs:  23rd place of 30

BA: 25th of 30

OBP: 25th of 30

SLG: 27th of 30

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