Sunday, September 21, 2014

Howard's 22nd HR was the 333rd of career the other night

Howard hits #333 of career on the Jon Lester pitch the other night in Oakland

Ryan Howard's HR production has went down this year. The other night, he hit is 22nd HR of the year and he recorded his 93rd RBI of the year. I remember when that used to be a pretty great season for a major league player.

We call this a 'bad year' for Howard but it's just because we are used to him being much better than that when he was in his prime during the Phillies great run of 2007-2010.

Howard is now 34 years old, and to drive in 93 runs, isn't that bad of a feat.

If his injuries didn't sideline him for much of the seasons of 2012 and 2013, I think we would have someone who has over 400 HR's right now and seeking the 500th of his career at some point in the future.

Unless Howard finds his magical swing again, a 500th HR still appears possible, but he would also have to stay healthy for the rest of his career. There's always a need for a power hitter, and he'll probably drift over to the American League at some point and just DH for a team. The Phillies should probably have tried to arrange this already but no deal had been worked out.

Howard's new Florida digs are just about ready for him in Florida

That hasn't slowed Howard though. His Philadelphia mansion is sold in Blue Bell PA, and he's just about finished with a new $25M+ mansion just south of Clearwater Beach, Florida. Read more about the construction of the mansion here.  Baseball and it's rewards have been good to Howard as he helped the Phillies win a World Championship in 2008.

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  1. I feel as if the Phillies gave up on him too quickly. They started sitting him more and more often. It was frustrating. He was producing! Yeah the average was low, but driving in runs night in and night out was still there. I feel as if he could have gotten to the 30HR 100RBI club if they had played him more, but that's what you get when your team is out of the race. The Phillies opted to play the rookies over the veterans more often!