Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Get 'er done: Phils need 15 innings to put away Astros

The Phillies have some struggling games against teams that haven't won a whole lot of games this year. Hey, wait, the Astros have about as many wins as the Phillies do this year too! That sort of says something about this season.

Last night, the Phillies ended up on top in 15 innings, and it was Ryan Howard, who brought his horrible road trip slump home to CBP last night, with the two lone RBI's to the game. He said afterwards, "You guys forgot what I done" to the press, yes you were good previously Ryan but your not always living on that couple magical years. The Phils topped the Astros 2-1 as this 2014 season rolls on for them.

The home win improves the Phillies home record to 23-33 at home in 56 games so far this season.

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