Sunday, August 17, 2014

Phils limp home from road trip, this team has folded up and quit

Tim "The Freak" Lincecum wasn't even on his best game, and ended up with the win over the Phillies in the final game of the series today in San Francisco

The Phillies haven't been this bad in a while. They are near the bottom of the MLB in a lot of categories in offense. The team returns home to Philly face the Seattle Mariners, who are 67-56 and winners of 8 of their last 10 games.

Phillies ranked by offense of the 30 teams in the MLB:

Runs: 22nd

Batting Average: 26th

On Base Percentage: 26th

Slugging Percentage: 28th

How does the Phillies hitting coach still have a job? Steve Henderson should be asked to pack his belongings into a box and not return. He's like the absent hitting coach at this point, as the Phillies have turned into a cold stone in the offensive runs production department.

It isn't the first year that these bad numbers have existed either, it's a few years now that this team has just folded up and haven't put up any respectable numbers to speak on in the NL East.

This team has notched it's 70th loss in this ugly season for them. Tough to watch this team play like this day after day.

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