Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Phillies might enjoy spoiler role

The Phillies would like to spoil the chances of the Cards, we'll see how they do in the weekend series starting on Friday night at CBP

The Phillies won't be making the playoffs in 2014, that news we already know. The Phils managed to pull off a series victory on Wednesday afternoon, the last businessperson's special on the schedule for this year against the Seattle Mariners.

The Mariners are still in the hunt for the playoffs, and the Phillies probably liked the fact that they can do a little to prevent that from happening with the series win at CBP.

Who else can the Phillies 'spoil' the chances for? How about the St. Louis Cardinals who are in to play the Phillies next?

The Cardinals are the current Wild Card leader along with the SF Giants with the Braves just a half game back from the Giants in the WC race, and making the Cards stumble a bit would be probably just fine with the Phillies.

Incidentally, the Phillies aren't officially eliminated from the playoffs but the elimination number is 26 as of tonight for the team for a Wild Card bid into the playoffs.

Who knows what would happen if the Phillies happened to go on a 10 game winning streak?

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