Sunday, August 31, 2014

Looking at the Mets and Phillies rivalry in the past 7 years

Rollins has been the chef in the Phillies kitchen with the NY rivalry over the years

Rewind back 7 years ago, it was 2007 and the Phillies needed a small miracle to capture the NL East crown. There was tough talk between the Phils and the Mets about who was "the team to beat". Near the end of the season the 2007 Phils reeled off an incredible 13-3 run to make the impossible happen.

Jimmy Rollins specifically carried the torch for the Phillies back then, he boldly proclaimed more than a few times that "the Phillies are the team to beat." His words made headlines in the NY papers, and suddenly the NY fans had a poster boy to chant and mock every time he and the Phillies came to the big apple.

Last night, there was a comical story told by Tom McCarthy about a fan who was very vocal and stood up when Rollins came to bat and yelled, "You ruined my childhood Jimmy!".

It was 2007 and the final game of the season was being played at CBP, I happened to be in attendance for this game and it's still one of the most thrilling games that I've ever been to. The Phillies had to win and the Mets had to lose for the NL East title to belong to the Phillies. The Phils weren't even playing the Mets that day, they were playing the Washington Nationals to close out the season.

Jamie Moyer got the start on the last day of the season in 2007 and the win

The crowd was electric before the game even started in Philly. Yes, we were scoreboard watching too, every play was scrutinized on the field that day. It was almost like the Phillies had already made it to the World Series. There was such a long gap in between 2007 and the last time the Phillies even made the postseason, there was added excitement that the Phillies season might not be ending when the regular season was over.

In the end, the Phillies won the game vs. the Nats but NY had lost just minutes before thus handing the NL East crown to them and wild celebration broke out on the field and in the stands. I remember Harry Kalas singing "High Hopes" on the field after the game and a new air of Philadelphia becoming a 'baseball city' was about to dawn.

Since then, the rivalry has simmered here and there, but nothing like it had become a few years ago.

Management has changed, players have changed and moved on, but the rivalry is still there. It's just on the back burner on simmer at the moment.

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