Monday, August 25, 2014

Here come the Nats

Jimmy Rollins hit a 2-run HR yesterday but had a serious look on his face rounding the bases for the Phils, possibly thinking about his Phillies career as the home games start to dwindle down in 2014

The Nationals have been a team that were rumored to be a playoff team for a couple of years now. Nothing quite worked out for them in those last few years but it looks like we may see them in this postseason for sure.

The Nationals just beat up on the SF Giants in Washington 14-6 on Sunday and now have a commanding 8 game lead in the NL East as the Braves appear to be fading.

The Nats are 9-1 in their last 10 games.

The Phillies did well against the Cardinals. They took the series but remain 17.5 GB in the cellar of the NL East. They still haven't been eliminated offically from postseason play but still have a very slim 0.1 chance which is close to no chance at all.

The Phillies need to regain their resspect in the NL East, and take some of the pain of this ugly season away by doing well against the Nationals in this series.

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