Friday, August 01, 2014

Has anything changed with this Phillies team?

The Phillies stood pat at the trade deadline. It may not have been for lack of wanting to make a deal or two, but no options presented themselves that the Phils thought would benefit this team.

The last two nights, the Phillies have proven they can play the game of baseball well. They've beat the top team in the NL East and looked fairly good, except for a few less than great plays on Friday night, and they have narrowed the gap to 10.5 GB for them.

Here's a chart showing the Phillies previous two weeks of activity to July 31st with the Phils concerning wins/losses. Yes, they have the two game win streak going on right now in Washington which is awesome but it's those strings of losses that crop up with this team that is concerning.

What the Phils need to do is stay hot, and keep winning, sting a winning streak of 8-10 games and see what happens, of course going in with the 'one game at a time' mentality.

Potentially losing Cliff Lee for the season is devastating though, Lee could have been the difference in salvaging this season, but his exit the other night from the mound was not encouraging and he'll have an exam tomorrow in Washington DC to asses the problem with him.

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