Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hamels and Byrd claimed but will deal be struck?

The waiver wire process is a strange one, it's primarily a secret offering of a player to other teams in order of how poorly they are playing on up to the top teams in the league. If a team 'claims' a player offered on the waiver wire, a deal could be negotiated to trade that player or the offering team can elect to just pull the player back and rescind the waiver all together.

Word has leaked that Cole Hamels and Marlon Byrd have been claimed by a team.

Now the deal for the two players is being ironed out. Or there may be no deal at all for them. The team claiming either player could be a team like the Cubs or the Royals, you don't know because it's all done in secret.

One thing is for sure, if Cole Hamels is dealt, the many Phillies jerseys that a lot of fans out there have purchased over the years will become collectors items. Hamels would have been one player that I wouldn't have thought the Phillies would even think about moving.

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