Saturday, August 09, 2014

Halladay back on the mound for the Phillies

Roy Halladay took the mound for another time for the Phillies last night before the Mets and Phillies game. Not as the starting pitcher, but for his honorary first pitch on a night in which the Phillies honored him for the accomplishments as a Phillies player and it was Roy Halladay Bobble Head Night at the ballpark.

Roy was very humble and only spoke a few lines at the ballpark but was very thankful for having pitched for the Phillies and wished he had played for them earlier in his career.

Halladay is missed around Philadelphia, not only because of his great pitching but he brought a positive feeling to the team. Something that seems to be missing in the past year since he's been gone.

The esoteric blog called "Zoo With Roy" was a baseball blog devoted to blogging about the Phillies and specifically Roy Halladay, had his moment with Halladay as well. Halladay visited the Philadelphia Zoo with the writer of that blog as reported on

So that was a great celebration with Roy Halladay last night at the ballpark, Roy we miss you!

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