Saturday, July 19, 2014

Phils down 6-4 to Braves on return

The Phillies returned to the baseball diamond on Friday night in a rainy humid Atlanta. The first game back from the All Star Break ended in a loss for the Phils.

Something was noticed that needs to be corrected, and it's Jimmy Rollins. A bloop fly ball was hit by Ryan Howard and Rollins barely scored from third base while a charging Chase Utley nearly passed him and he scored from second base. This has been happening a lot this season, Utley is charging so fast, he is nearly catching Jimmy most of the time.

Jimmy needs to play somewhere else where he won't have to run too fast, because especially this season, he just doesn't seem like he has that hustle in him.

Enough is enough, we've seen this for too long from him and if the Phils can't trade him, bench him until he gets the message.

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