Thursday, July 31, 2014

Phillies incredibly stand pat at trade deadline, then thump the Nats for a win

Ruben Amaro doesn't reveal any plans for the future of the Phillies at the trade deadline. He has made some great deals for this team, but lately the play has been poor for the past two seasons and then some. Here he is on Thursday afternoon in Washington DC.

Ruben Amaro Jr. says he is not breaking this team down. Well, Rube, take a look at this team and where it is and where it has been, and it's already broken.

What type of smokescreen is Amaro trying to send up this time. The Phillies can't fight themselves out of a paper bag in the past couple of seasons for that matter.

Matt Gelb from the Philadelphia Inquirer said it best in a tweet this afternoon...

Then later he tweeted about Ruben Amaro Jr. - with this one, I don't think he's invited to Rube's Christmas party this year...

 You've almost got to feel a little sorry for Ruben Amaro, he's got a lot of talented players on this team, but the players that aren't quite ready for prime time is what is constantly putting this team in the loss column. Until this changes, the Phillies will languish in losses.

Meanwhile, the Phils go out and pound the Washington Nationals for a win on Thursday night, isn't baseball a wonderful game?

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