Friday, July 25, 2014

25 Million reasons why Ryan Howard should be playing every day

Two Phillies now on the Hot Stove with trade rumors. If anything happens, hopefully we get some great players in return. 

There is something strange about Ryan Howard sitting out for the past couple games. He's tied with Cliff Lee in making the most money this year from the team at $25M for the season. He should be playing as much as he can but the last two games has seen Ryan Howard benched for some unknown reason.

Is Howard on his way out of town? Does the team that wants Howard need him to sit out while they make arrangements to make a deal? Howard doesn't know and doesn't seem to care or want to talk about it in the press, so until something happens, we'll be finding out after it is announced.

The benching has ignited the internet with rumors on what team is in the hunt for Howard's services. Rumors are a dime a dozen though, and any team that takes Howard would probably be asking the Phillies to eat a nice portion of his remaining salary, which I don't think would be a wise move. Howard isn't that bad if he can get over a hundred RBI's and 30 HR's this season.

So what is going to happen? We'll just have to wait and see, Howard isn't injured so his rest is coming at an odd time. People are watching and waiting.

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  1. He can't hit a fastball at 92 MPH right down the middle. Still swings at the low and away sliders. Can't elevate the ball consistantly because he can't step into a pitch. Can't throw to 2nd base. Can't run for squat. 2 extra base hits in his last 100+ at bats. Hitting .220. constant failures with men in scoring position. At 25 million the fans deserve more. To top it all off, in his last interview with a smirk on his face, he answered his failures by saying, "that's baseball". Did I forget anything? This is not a game of what was but what is. I appreciate all the memories but this is now. It's time to turn the page.