Monday, June 30, 2014

Soon 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and through the Metal Detectors

Soon going to a ballgame might be like this scene from an airport security line, what could be worse than this? Watching the play on the field by this year's Phillies team could include this by the end of July

Just announced, the Phillies will install metal detectors at the gates of entrances to Citizens Bank Park by late July in an effort to as they say, working with Homeland Security in accordance with providing security for the fans attending games.

This may be a noble gesture, but as most people know that have seen it, you can get virtually anything you want over the Citizens Bank Park fences that surround the park, many people even climb the fences occasionally to sneak in, so the effect of this may sound on the outset to be great, but I am sure it will be a major annoyance to the millions of peace loving fans that have attended sporting events for years in Philadelphia without a problem.

Not to mention the fans are fewer in numbers at the stadium already this year with the Phillies playing like they have been and many fans start adding up the annoyances that they are starting to find at the ballpark and just simply will elect not to go at all. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Parking is now at $16.00
2. Seat ticket prices are the highest they've been ever
3. Concessions are very expensive
4. Now, you'll feel like you're going through airport security to watch a ball game

Add all of those annoyances up, and it is little wonder that fans will start to want to stay away.

Why now, they have the good old fashioned pat downs by security, soon the addition of metal detectors will make a trip to the ballpark a laborious chore, and not an enjoyable experience.

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