Friday, June 06, 2014

Phils slip to 10 games under .500

Rollins offers his take on the current situation with the Phillies

It's been a bad 10 days for the Phillies. The team seemed to be righting some of the wrongs and they had climbed out of last place for a brief time, and now within the last 10 days, the team seems like it has become completely unglued.

The Phils are on a 6-game losing streak, and there is no end in sight. Currently, the Phils are a full 10 games under .500 and have slipped to 7.0 GB from the NL East leading Atlanta Braves.

The team now travels to Cincinnati, where the Reds haven't had it easy either at 27-31 on the year.

What is the answer for the Phillies? It's obvious that this group isn't going to recover from this downward trend anytime too soon. For the Phils, they need to do something to shake up this team, but exactly what remains a mystery. Ruben Amaro doesn't seem to have the right answers, and each night that Ryne Sandberg explains why the team didn't do well, he seems like he isn't too sure what's going on either.

One thing is for sure, there is a lot of season left in the schedule.  

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