Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Phillies hit rock bottom, get trounced by Mets

 Colon looked like Cy Young against the stumbling Phillies last night

The Phillies are a team that are struggling worse than an expansion team at this point in the season. They went out on the field and embarrassed themselves last night in a makeup game at Citizens Bank Park. The Mets went out there and whipped the Phillies by an 11-2 score.

This team has not succeeded in one measure of becoming a good team. In fact, they can't even execute the fundamentals of this game properly.

Pitcher Roberto Hernandez (formerly named Fausto Carmona) looked like a fish out of water up at the plate when he was asked to lay down a bunt for the team. Other examples of simple things on the field not being done are what is happening as well, every game.

Ryne Sandberg and Ruben Amaro have to accept some of the responsibility for what we see on the playing field. This team hasn't looked this bad in years, and now it's showing. What is the reason for this? We can't blame Charlie Manuel for being too lenient.

This whole team looks like it needs to be changed, and I think it all starts with GM Ruben Amaro, his moves have cost this team everything. His inability to get younger with this team, and make changes where they needed to be made is something that should be looked at very closely by ownership.

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