Saturday, June 14, 2014

How Comcast Sportsnet ruined the Phillies TV broadcasts in 2014

Both Ryne Sandberg and the ump should be tossing the Phillies TV broadcast out of the game!

You have to admit, it's been tough watching Philies baseball this season.

Let alone the way the team has been playing, the TV broadcasts have suffered with the firings of Chris Wheeler and Gary 'Sarge' Matthews. In their place, Comcast Sportsnet, who recently signed a $2.5B extension for 25 years to broadcast the teams games, signed two ex-Phillies to fill the shoes of Wheeler and Matthews. The Phillies of course signed Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs, who are really loved as ex-players but haven't sounded good at all as TV baseball announcers.

Some vocal fans used to poke fun at both Matthews and Wheeler to the point of complaining about them on social media. Apparently CSN follows these social media comments and threw both of these veteran announcers to the curb before the 2014 season started.

Most of the time now, the broadcasts sound like the Tom McCarthy show, as there are very few comments by Moyer and Stairs for much of the broadcast and some of the comments they make refer back to them being players. We loved them as players, but do we care to hear about things that happened to them similar to what is going on in the game on just about every play? Of course not, but that is what the Phillies TV broadcast has become.

Stairs is particularly hard to hear most of the time, either he is mumbling or his mic is way too low, but his contributions to the game broadcasts are seriously lacking.

Lets hope CSN Philly realizes that they made a mistake with the tandem of Stairs and Moyer and they go in a different direction next year, but for now this is a long season to watch this team that is just playing bad baseball and has a TV broadcast booth to match that.

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