Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Amaro keeps saying Phillies rebuilding, who is he trying to fool?

Ruben probably wants to blame Ryne here, but no, this is all Ruben's mess now

Ruben Amaro Jr. is trying to be a convincing spin master on why the Phillies aren't doing well and haven't done well for many years now.

He's been saying that the team is constantly rebuilding, but who is he trying to fool? Is he thinking that whatever he says that people will nod their heads and believe that stuff?

Amaro has been dodging the reason the Phillies are the way they are because he is at the cause of it all. Bad personnel moves and signings have left this Phillies team in a shambles. The poor Phillies play are the likes of which haven't been seen in Philadelphia in years now, but the blight is back and Ruben can't deny that.

Amaro has even been named as the last place finisher in moves by any GM in the MLB by the Sporting News right here. This proving the fact that Ruben is no Billy Beane or Brian Cashman - no, he's just run this Phillies team down into the depths from which will take them years to recover.

Ruben, must go.


  1. Ruben should go. Sandberg and Bowa can go along with him. The players never responded to the screamer before and they aren't now. Sandberg and those coaches make so many mistakes it is ridiculous. I cannot even watch this sloppy team play. If the owners cannot see it they need to sell to someone that will .It is putrid baseball. The whole management team should wear paper bags o er their head!

    1. You make a good point there, I didn't think Bowa was good for the Phillies then or now. Should have never been back, only as a player we once really liked.