Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wow, that was easy, Phillies win and snap losing streak thanks to Asche and Brown

The Phillies were due to have a breakout game, and they did just that tonight against the Reds. The team snapped their 4-game losing streak courtesy of getting some great run suppport for Cole Hamels, who won his 100th career game on the night.

This is what we've been waiting for, and the offense came alive on Saturday night in South Philly.

Cody Asche had 3 RBI and Domonic Brown had 5 RBI, two players that have been overdue to have a good game for the team, came through tonight.

Domonic Brown had his best game of 2014 after a very poor start, he came into the game on Saturday night batting .214 but quickly added to his RBI total, which was 15 in 38 games, and bumped that total up to 20 in one game. Brown, who hit 27 HR in 2013, currently has 2 HR total with the one that he hit against the Reds on Saturday night.

The Phillies home record is still something of a concern, they have a 7-12 record now with the win. The team is 11-10 on the road.

Cole Hamels is the 7th pitcher to win 100 or more games for the Phillies with the win tonight. It was the 249th game that Hamels had started, all with the Phillies in his 9 years in the MLB.

Cesar Hernandez, hit his first home run of his career as a Phillie. 

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