Thursday, May 08, 2014

The MLB asks iTunes to silence independent baseball talk shows including Phillies Talk Podcast

Baseball apparently has an issue with baseball talk shows. Specifically independent shows that offer opinions about the teams that are covered under the freedom of speech granted by our forefathers and the founders of this great country.

Phillies Talk Podcast along with many other independent shows (that are all still in production) found out that they were wiped off the map in iTunes, many have existed for many years on iTunes and had several thousand listens without any problems. Apparently now it's a problem.

The shows still go on however, we're independent, certainly not paid or a part of a major league baseball team. The MLB doesn't own baseball though. It's a game that's played on fields all of the country and the world, not because of the big leagues in fact.

This isn't over, and the issue has been covered by the National media and it's a story that will only get bigger because of the wrongness about it. Baseball isn't owned by the MLB and our opinions on these shows can't and won't be silenced.

If you like good indy shows on baseball, check out for a lineup of shows that feature a lot of great talk about the sport.

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  1. How much MORE money do they need to squeeze.