Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dom Brown just can't find his groove

A compilation of last year's HR barrage by Brown that appeared in the CrashburnAlley blog

Domonic Brown electrified the baseball world last year in the month of May. He could do no wrong, all of a sudden it seemed as if he had found his swing. The swing that some people could only dream about, he hit 12 HR in the month of May last year.

Fast forward just one season, and Dom Brown now looks like a completely different player again. The player that a lot of us had been hearing about, how great he could be and how much potential he has. Brown has morphed again from potental superstar to a player that is way under the radar and is practically struggling to stay in the majors.

Some credit Phillies assistant batting coach, Wally Joiner, with helping Brown find his swing. Joiner is no longer with the team, but if it was Joiner, it seems like Brown has forgotten everything that he told him. Joiner is with the Detroit Tigers now, as a first base coach.

Brown did so well last year in May, he wrote his own ticket to the All-Star game. His season last year looks so much different than anything he's done up to that point and this year he has gone back to the numbers that didn't attract too much attention. Pointing to the fact that however was working with Brown somehow unlocked his potential with some skilled coaching.

Brown is still young, at 26 years old, he's one of the youngest players on this Phillies team. In 47 games in 2014, Domonic has 3 HR and 22 RBI.

Can Brown remember the things that unlocked seemingly unlimited potential last year? Maybe he should call Joiner and ask him to talk a little bit? It couldn't hurt.

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