Saturday, April 26, 2014

Phils can't build on LA series win; Zombie apocalypse?

It was 'Zombie Night' in Arizona last night, and Phillies pitcher AJ Burnett dressed up for the event

The Phillies couldn't build on a good thing that they were onto in LA, they dropped the first game in Arizona to a team that is one of the worst teams (record wise) in the MLB. The only other team that is lower than the Dbacks is the Houston Astros with a .292 winning percentage.

The Diamondbacks won their 8th game of the season last night against the Phillies, and sent the Phils back to a sub-.500 team again at 11-12 on the season. It's this mediocrity that the Phillies must avoid to make them a better team.

To their credit, the Phils battled back to a 4-3 score in the top of the 7th inning, but couldn't score anyone in the next inning despite runners on second and third base. The team mounted another rally in the 9th, closing the gap to 1-run but John Mayberry Jr. struck out with two men on base to end the game for a 5-4 Diamondbacks win.

A young Diamondbacks fan arrives 'zombie style' at the park for last night's game

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