Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Frandsen not travelling North with Phillies

Frandsen was versatile for the Phils, at first and third base, but won't be with the Phils in a surprise move

Surprises just keep on coming from the Phillies in reference to personnel, but the combination of a Phillies injury and a decision to possibly develop a younger player has sent Frandsen outright from the Phillies. He can now accept his assignment from the team or seek another team to start up the season with, if he can find one.

Frandsen has been a solid utility player with the Phillies, he's stepped in and filled the roles of a couple players when they were down with injury before for the team, at first base and third base.

This Spring Frandsen had 17 hits with the team, in 61 AB's. He seemed like he was making the most of Spring Training with that can do attitude that has made him a fan favorite for some time now. Frandsen even had 10 RBI to his credit at the time of his demotion.

Latest word has Frandsen not accepting the Phillies move to have him go down to the minors and he is a free agent available to sign with any team now.

A bit disheartening for the many fans that liked the way Kevin Frandsen played the game.

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