Friday, February 14, 2014

Former Phillies managager Jim Fregosi dies of stroke

Jim Fregosi had been onboard the Divina for a baseball themed cruise when he suffered a stroke

Former Phillies manager, Jim Fregosi, has died of the stroke at 71 that happened on a baseball cruise on the MSC Cruises ship, Divinia, while the ship was at sea. The ship returned to Grand Caymen to get Fregosi to a hospital there.

ESPN reported that Fregosi was moved to a hospital in Florida by helicopter after being in a Grand Caymen hospital for a short time and he was stabilized in Grand Caymen.

Fregosi passed away at 2:36 a.m. this morning in Miami according to Fregosi's son, Jim Fregosi Jr.

The MSC cruise line issued this statement, "MSC's thoughts and prayers are with the Fregosi family during this difficult period," the line's spokeswoman Yvette Batalla said. 

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