Sunday, December 15, 2013

What more can Ruben Amaro do for this Phillies team?

Ruben Amaro Jr. probably sits back and wonders with all the things he's done for this Phillies team over the past few years, what more can he do to assemble a winning team.

Amaro has gone out and signed huge contracts over the last several years with big-name players. These players wanted to come to Philadelphia to play, and perhaps add a world championship to their resume.

That just isn't how it's gone so far though and in 2014 the Phillies will now be six seasons removed from their World Series victory in 2008. Despite having one of the highest payrolls in the league, the Phillies have floundered miserably the last two seasons. You have to wonder how much more of this mediocre type of finish the Phillies front office will stand for.

It's the players themselves that have really let the Phillies down, they have grown much older over the years since the World Series victory and really this team has not seen a whole lot of fresh talent coming out of the minors.

Ruben Amaro always seems to know what to say when asked what he thinks the chances of the Phillies getting back into the playoffs and getting back on track to winning. "This is a team built to win now," is a handy catchphrase that he's learned to lean on when asked about this team and their struggles. Perhaps a better question to ask of him would be what are the missing ingredients that would make this team better that haven't been added yet.

It's hard to believe that Citizens Bank Park is already going into its 11th season that we've seen some great baseball being played there. The ardent fans who supported this team have been there with them even through last year, but the rumblings of discontent are getting louder and louder and this year it could be Ruben Amaro himself that pays for the Phillies demise if they can't turn this around in 2014.

As of today, it's 106 days until Opening Day 2014 for the MLB.

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