Friday, December 06, 2013

Phillies patch some holes with transparent players trying to right the Phillies 'Manship'

At least the Phillies will spell his name right on his jersey

The Phillies latest moves have been very much like some of the recent moves we've seen by them. The have acquired a couple players that are very much under the radar when it comes to great play, but serviceable and very reasonable on the salary scale.

Will this be enough to fill the voids in the Phillies needs though?

Will Nieves is a familiar name, we've seen him recently with the Diamondbacks and previously with the Nationals. If you can believe these stats, Nieves has 8 HR and 103 RBI in a 10 year career. He'll be the back-up to Carlos Ruiz in 2014.

The Phillies also invited Jeff Manship (who?) to camp. He is equally is a longshot to make this team, he's a 0-5 with a 7.04 ERA pitcher in 11 games last season.

You wonder what goes through the heads of the Phillies player acquisition team lately. Not very inspiring, and not very forward thinking.

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