Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Papelbon is all dressed up for Christmas, it's that time of year

It must be interesting in the life of Jonathan Papelbon. He could probably have walked all around Philadelphia or anywhere for that matter and no one would have recognized him.

Ashley Papelbon, Jonathan's wife, sent out a humorous but entirely proper holiday photo via twitter the other day, and here Jonny Paps looks like he's got the holiday spirit. Much happier than he looks on the field, even after a game, he's got some strange smirk on his face usually. Is Papelbon just an award winning actor where he can turn different personalities on or off at will?

Hopefully Papelbon will be staying in the Phillies fold for at least another season. It's the holiday time, let bygones be bygones and let's get this team fired up as Ruben Amaro said yesterday that the Phillies are 'Built to Win' and yes they are! Now, they just have to go back on the field and show us. 

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