Monday, December 16, 2013

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez’s Value In Year One


The Philadelphia Phillies are doing their best to put together a solid pitching staff in 2014. They have gone out and signed a few free agents, most recently Roberto Hernandez, but the hope is that newcomer Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez will be able to step in right away. The Cuban righthander is expected to make the Opening Day roster, and that means he could provide value in fantasy baseball 2014 right away.

When the Phillies signed the 27-year old to a three-year, $12 million deal, many thought they obtained a gem. There are concerns about his throwing elbow right now, so that is why they received a discount on the talented pitcher. He is not in need of any type of surgery at the time, so that is good news for a franchise trying to get back into the playoffs as soon as next season.

Ideally, Philadelphia would love for Gonzalez to slide in the #3 spot after Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. He certainly won’t be able to replace a peak Roy Halladay, but having a healthy Gonzalez could certainly be very beneficial.
From a  fantasy baseball 2014 perspective, most people see him as a late round pickup with some nice potential value. He could pitch above expectations early on since few hitters will be familiar with him. He has four solid pitches, including a fastball in the mid-90s that can help him post some nice strikeout numbers. With both Hamels and Lee being more about control at this stage of their career, a hard-throwing righthander could complement them well.

Look for him to go in the 60-70 range among starting pitchers in fantasy baseball 2014. That is the range where people begin to take chances on some younger prospects, or veterans bouncing back from injuries or disappointing seasons. If Gonzalez can stay healthy all season that is.

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