Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amaro: "Prices are running high" Phils sign Roberto Hernandez aka Fausto Carmona

A story about the using of 'fake names' from ESPN in the Fausto Carmona story

If you or I used a fake name in preparing official documents that get filed with the United States Federal Government, we'd be probably not in the same shape that Roberto Hernandez is today, and that of course is signing an agreement to pitch for the Phillies. Read a little about the run in with the law, that apparently holds little weight in his career here in the states. Read some reaction from the Cleveland Indians who were shocked to find out about Carmona's name fraud.

No, we'd be worse off for that I'm sure. But just about 1 year ago, that's exactly what happened with the 'then' pitcher named Fausto Carmona. An interesting name there, but it wasn't the right name that was used to get the young Roberto Hernandez a visa to come to the United States to pitch. Money and time can work wonders though, and today Mr. Hernandez is going to be signing a reported deal for $6M (4.5M with the possibility of earning $1.5M in bonus money) to pitch for the Phillies, and the 'name game' with the Feds is only a distant memory. All is forgiven.

Hernandez is our new starting pitcher as the Phillies and GM Ruben Amaro have thrown in the white flag in getting any pitcher that was worth anything at a somewhat decent price at the 2013 Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida.

We have to look back at last year though, when Hernandez started 32 games with the Rays, he hung into that rotation, but didn't have too much good results, his lifetime stats are 59-82 with a 4.67 ERA. Last year for the Tampa Rays, he was 6-13 with a 4.89 ERA, hardly worth a $1M dollar contract in this writer's opinion. I would have rather seen the Phillies promote a guy like Tyler Cloyd and let him get in a groove then pay someone $6M that isn't worth it. But that's just me, and obviously someone in the Phillies organization believes that Hernandez is worth $6M for a season of bliss.

Yes, this 2014 is getting more and more interesting as time goes on, it's not even close to Spring Training and a lot of fans have been clamoring over the lack of decent moves by the Phils in the offseason. Let's hope we're all wrong and Ruben can tell us all that 'we told you so' about the Phillies making the playoffs in 2014. If your feeling lucky and looking to get into the green for the holidays, you can now head over to the casino and even play a game of roulette, maybe you'll be luckier than the Phils in the last 2 seasons!

Hernandez is entering his 9th season of MLB service in 2014, here's a look back: (note the 4th place finish in the Cy Young Award for 2007)

Year Age Tm Lg W L W-L% ERA IP Awards
2006 25 CLE AL 1 10 .091 5.42 74.2
2007 26 CLE AL 19 8 .704 3.06 215.0 CYA-4,MVP-23
2008 27 CLE AL 8 7 .533 5.44 120.2
2009 28 CLE AL 5 12 .294 6.32 125.1
2010 29 CLE AL 13 14 .481 3.77 210.1 AS
2011 30 CLE AL 7 15 .318 5.25 188.2
2012 31 CLE AL 0 3 .000 7.53 14.1
2013 32 TBR AL 6 13 .316 4.89 151.0
8 Yrs 59 82 .418 4.67 1100.0
162 Game Avg. 10 14 .418 4.67 190
CLE (7 yrs) 53 69 .434 4.64 949.0
TBR (1 yr) 6 13 .316 4.89 151.0
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