Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Our Baseball Blogger Alliance Awards Picks 2013

Every year the Baseball Blogger's Alliance (which this blog is a member of) gets together and votes on the postseason awards and here is a list of the folks that the FightinPhillies.com blog thought were worthy to win in the National League.

We'll compare the actual winners after the votes are tallied and see what the overall alliance of bloggers thought about the nominees as well in a future post.

The Connie Mack Award
 (given to the top manager each year):

Don Mattingly

The Willie Mays Award
 (given to the top rookie in the league):

Yasiel Puig

The Goose Gossage Award
 (given to the top reliever in the league):

Craig Kimbrel

The Walter Johnson Award
 (given to the top pitcher in the league):

Clayton Kershaw

The Stan Musial Award
 (given to the top player in the league):

Clayton Kershaw

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