Thursday, September 05, 2013

Watch how baseball turns into 'Big Data' for fans and press with Advanced Media

We've all probably checked stats on a mobile app, pitches in real time getting recorded and displayed on devices within seconds, and all very much in real time. We're at our home computers and laptops also getting this information. This short video explains a little of how it is all done. In real time, every pitch for every game.

How many cameras does it take to record a pitch? Three cameras record every pitch in every stadium around the country.

Now there is records being kept on fielding data, as more sophisticated methods are being used to map that particular stat.

Couple this with instant replay now getting a bigger part in baseball next year, and we've got some of the biggest changes to happen in baseball in years starting to happen now.

Now if the Phillies would only give the fans some wifi at the ballpark, we'd be able to watch all of this innovation.

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