Sunday, September 29, 2013

Season's end comes for this Phillies team today

How often have we seen emotion from the Phillies this year? Not much at all

On Friday, the Phillies were shutout for the 15th time in this 2013 season, that had to be an all-time low for this team, last night the Phils managed to win 5-4 over a Braves team that needed to win for home field advantage in the playoffs. The Braves committed 3 errors on the night and couldn't get that win that would have given them a nice cushion to start off the Division Series.

More importantly for the Phillies is that they have a chance to finish at .500 against the NL East with a win on their final game of the season. The Phils were 33-39 in their own division last year, and now sit at 37-38 for this year, the Phillies have not had two back to back seasons in which they finished under .500 in their own division against the NL East since 1995-1998 when the Phils did that all four years.

That's putting a lot into perspective when you look at those stats above in relationship to how poor this team is becoming. It isn't a fluke now that the Phillies have been mired in awful play now for two straight seasons, with virtually no end in sight.

The Braves showed the angry side last night a little, and why not, why not get mad at not being able to make a hit or get on base, the Phillies need a little fire under them, it's going to be a long offseason, but for the Phillies it is mercifully here after today.

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