Saturday, September 28, 2013

Phillies fans should be angry with this team now

Ricky Bottalico sums up the Phillies game last night vs Atlanta - no offense

Cliff Lee goes out and strikes out 13 batters and the Phillies offense is the same as it's been all year, terrible.

That's it, it's about all we should take as fans of this team, forget about all the talk of 'next year' and see you in 2014, this is getting absurd now. This team is in need of fundamental and major changes and nothing all of the publicity spinners say is going to make that fact go away with this now horrible Phillies team.

The Phils management brings up Ryan Howard for the last few games and has him sit on the bench to watch the games. What is this? Is it supposed to get us excited about the Phillies by seeing Ryan Howard? Howard should have been healed a long time ago with his injuries that he's getting all to used to being on the bench or some other location like Florida spending time rehabbing. If he's going to spend the rest of his career rehabbing we should trade him for free to a team like Mariners or somewhere like that far from Philly.

The facts are that the Phillies are the most disappointing team in baseball for two years straight now, and the team is a total failure that should really be getting a major overhaul starting with the GM of the Phillies, Ruben Amaro Jr., who has sat idly by as this team has degenerated into the state that it's in today.

A team with a payroll like the Phillies have had in the past two seasons is a big disgrace with the kind of play that we've been seeing on the field. There is no more explanations that can describe it, except it is just plain bad.

Start with Amaro, and clean house for the Phillies and begin again.

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