Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lee manhandles Marlins for 14th win of 2013

Cliff Lee has been the mainstay of the Phillies rotation in 2013

Cliff Lee has been my favorite Phillies pitcher for the past couple years. He was magnificent in the 2009 World Series, and has done a lot for the Phillies team since Ruben Amaro Jr. re-signed him after sending him out to the god forsaken Seattle Mariners, in what was the first ever weird move that Ruben has made with this Phillies team under his watch as GM.

Lee is a 12 year veteran in 2013, he's risen up to one of the best paid pitcher's in baseball today at $25M this year. In his only other start this year against the Marlins prior to tonight, Lee owned them giving up only 3 H on 9 IP and struck out 5 for an .056 ERA against them.

Did I mention that Cliff Lee had 4 RBI last night with 3 H? He is on top of his game for sure. The Phils pummelled the Marlins 12-2 in game 1 of the series with the Miami Marlins.

In Lee's starts prior to tonight, he's stuck out 9 batters and 10 batters respectively and 14 more batters on Monday night. That's 36 strikeouts in his last 3 games.

To put it bluntly, Cliff Lee is dealing. The Phillies offense came to life for him tonight and Lee earned his 14th win of the year. This writer thinks he could have been over 20 wins this year, had the Phillies offense fired on all cylinders.

If the Phillies can just solve the problems that have plagued them prior to the starts of the 2012 and 2013 seasons, they would be able to contend in 2014. The dream of this isn't completely over. There is an offseason and we will have some interesting players to chose from in the offseason to solve the puzzle.

One of the players that Ruben Amaro Jr. was inquiring about many times has been one of the Miami Marlins best players, Giancarlo Stanton. Miami has been reluctant to deal him. We'll see if this changes anytime soon, Stanton would be awesome to have in the Phillies lineup and would inspire many to think that the Phillies have made a great acquisition to this team.

Unfortunately, the Marlins are dead last in every category in the MLB that ESPN uses to measure the offense. Runs, Batting Average, On Base Percentage, and Slugging Percentage, the Marlins are 30th in every category. Stanton can only benefit by joining a team that will compliment him and help him achieve more.

Miami's anemic numbers

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